Three Passover poems shared by three friends



On the second night of Passover, three Passover poems shared by friends:

The first by Jane Hirshfield:


In a Room with Five People, Six Griefs

In a room with five people, six griefs.

Some you will hear of, some not.

Let the room hold them, their fears, their anger.

Let there be walls and windows, a ceiling.

A door through which time

changer of everything

can enter.

A second by Irena Klapfisz:

Bashert These words are dedicated to those who died These words are dedicated to those who died because they had no love and felt alone in the world because they were afraid to be alone and tried to stick it out because they could not ask because they were shunned because they were sick and their bodies could not resist the disease because they played it safe because they had no connections because they had no faith because…

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