The school principal as educational administrators should know how to manage the school library that meets the standards, so the library can be used optimally. It is the responsibility of principals to take leadership in developing school libraries that meet the standards.Thus the principal should consider the following matters: 

(1) school library should be located under the “direction” man / school staff are well trained and well educated in the library field,(2) the school library should have a number of “reference” enough (including encyclopedias, atlases, dictionaries and the like), a number of books of all subjects taught in school (which should be used as supplementary reading students) and common materials are selected according to the interests and needs,  (3) using an adequate system of a particular classification, where the collection (books) are classified, on the label, and in “Shelving” based system,       (4) presence of adequate supplies in the shape of the room, equipment and materials for repair, it also disampinng “road enter “accessioning”,  (5) complete and spell out a “record system” that includes borrowing and repayment records, records of books hilanng, damaged or removed. (6) complete with a number of facilities for the purchase of books, including publications and other information about the new books are published,  (7) of equipment for students, including a complete schedule.
Perpuskaan to manage the school, principals should also understand the areas related to the library. These areas include: the area of ​​”personnel”, “service”, “using and the user” (as proposed by the Guidelines for Implementation of Rusina Syahrial School Library).In the Field “personnel” Principal must understand the qualifications of personnel who will have the ability orgasisator, administrator, librarian, as well as personnel deorang-worker not only despenser of books alone.
The success of the school library as a means of supporting education and teaching in schools is dependent on the qualifications of the personnel’s own library. Given this, one, a school principal should pay attention to the personnel and management, namely: (1) choose a leader or head of the library is not just as a divider book (dispenser of books), but more than that is a library leader, organizer, teacher, administrator, and a personnel-worker;. Besides, it not only as a “librarian” who are trained and educated in the field of libraries, but also must know and understand how to provide stimulation to the students and teachers to utilize the maximum use of the library, (2) menggembangkan library representative organization of students in the student peerintahan (OSIS) and an election committee of the student library.
In the field of “service” as the chief Sekoplah [rogramere implementation of education at the school, the principal task in the field of “service” will come to fruition apabiola consider the following: (1) recognize, understand and develop the role of libraries in order to develop a program teaching, (2) know the community, state, national library institutions dam,          (3) provide adequate and attractive, the room / library building and equipment, (4) develop a schedule to the library service so that more effective services,  (5) assist the leadership of the library schools in mengembagkan policy, drafters of staff, and discipline in the library.  (6) The school principal has the responsibility to stimulate and guide staff working with the leadership, as well as forming the ‘library-committes “to select and order new books for the library materials collection to decide which ones should be” removed “from the library for classroom teaching, and help develop regulation / order and scheduling;  (7) Provide adequate fee based on the annual budget, also with a workable plan (aplicable)
In the Field “and the user using” the principal needs to pay attention to the issue of use (using) the school library primarily addressed to “user” (the students). Need instructions tentanng use books, how to find books that are needed, use the book catalog, the use of reference books, as well as the creation and placement of bibliographic records. Hence the use of school libraries should: (1) the head of the school library to take the time to make observations on the ability of students to use library materials and scope of its use,  (2) the principal expects to all school staff to always know the library and how use of library materials for teaching and learning activities,  (3) the principal has always held a reading guidance in advancing students’ reading and hold a “cheking” with the leadership of the library.  (4) the principal tried to develop the use of school libraries to carry out supervision of the teachers teaching.
The final activity of the library management is the evaluation of school libraries. Library evaluation should be based on criteria related to library staff, library use by students, administration and library organizations, the selection of library materials, and special characteristics of the material library services, school. For schools that have implemented ISO management, bureaucratic system run to its full potential still remains without subtracting the criteria in the evaluation in the school library.